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Love this App!

Yep I am now the proud owner of an iPhone – which means I’ve been discovering and collecting some great apps.  Thought I’d share my new favorites here as I discover them, just in case you’ll find them handy (or just awesome) too.

Now that the summer fruit season is upon us, I’m loving this one called the Dirty Dozen app.  It’s not really fancy, just a list of the best and worst produce when it comes to pesticides.  Great for people like me, who would love to go all out organic, but have a budget to think about.  The app points out which produce you should always buy organic (the dirty dozen) and which ones are not as bad conventionally (the Clean 15).  It’s free, and it means not having to write all that info down, or *gasp* remember it.  My brain needs all the free space I can give it, thank you very much!