Nutella S’mores

I’ve been hibernating a bit since the kids got sick – they seem to be finally coming out of it

and it’s like waking up from a hazy sleep deprived zombie like state.  I’m having flashbacks to the newborn phase, although it’s not that bad because hubby has been taking on at least half the load.  3 kids, all with double ear infections.  Bleh!  The good news is I think I’m on the cusp of being able to count on some consecutive hours of sleep.  Sometimes just the hope of some really good sleep keeps us going!

Last week there was a crazy icy day here in Cinci, and the antibiotics were just kicking in enough for the kids to not be in constant pain.  We needed something special to remind us of better times… summery times.  It was time for indoor s’mores! 

I like to make mine with Nutella.  A. because I’m totally obsessed with Nutella, B. because you don’t have to deal with the chocolate that isn’t perfectly melted issue I hate about regular s’mores.

So here’s the easiest snack ever, perfect for  cabin feverish winter days – I even make them in the summer when it’s too hot to think of sitting around a campfire.

Spread graham crackers with Nutella.  Both crackers.

Toast marshmallows over your stovetop.  Just be careful not to touch the marshmallow to the stovetop – so hard to clean!  Hold them about as close as you can without risking that and you’ll know when to turn them because they’ll start smelling amazing and start to steam up a bit. 

Slide that toasty, gooey marshmallow onto your crackers to make a perfect s’more sandwich.


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